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5 Easy Ways To Make Your Banner Stand Out

Designing banners for your business, an event, or for any other purpose can often seem overwhelming, especially if you've never had a banner made before. While there are nearly unlimited ways to make your banner attractive and unique, there are some industry wide options that will make your banner more effective. Here are 5 easy ways to make your banner stand out from the crowd. 

1. Make Sure the Banner Is Very Easy to Read 

Putting a lot of text and patterns on your banner may make it look cool, but it's going to be hard for people to read. If people are unable to read your banner, it's simply not going to be as effective at drawing customers in. Make "easy readability" your number one priority when crafting banners or commercial signs. Use big, bold lettering on an appropriate colored background. As plain as it may sound, dark lettering on a light background has shown to be the most effective, because of the contrast between the foreground and the background

2. Use Three Different Colors at Most

While having a colorful sign can attract attention, signs with too many different colors are more difficult to read and may confuse potential customers. Try to use just a couple of colors, and no more than three different colors in your banner. If you are using a bright color, keep the other colors more neutral, as opposed to choosing three bright colors. A well designed banner will have just a few colors that complement each other, with one single color being the most noticeable. 

3. Choose the Element You Want to Emphasize 

Banner graphics should be designed with a single image or element that stands out, as opposed to having several elements that are all similar in size. Choose the main element that you want your potential customers to focus on, and make that the largest element in the banner. Perhaps you want your logo to stand out the most, or a certain image or word. Use the element that you want to emphasize near the top or center of the banner instead of the bottom or sides. The remaining images and text on the banner should be complementary to the focus element and should direct attention to the focus element instead of taking attention away from it. 

4. Use a Plain Background 

Patterned backgrounds occasionally have their place, but it's almost never on a large banner that is meant to be seen from a distance. Avoid using patterns in your background as much as possible, and instead stick to a plain, appropriately colored background that makes your wording and images "pop." 

5. Don't Be Afraid to Err on the Side of Simplicity 

You may have imagined a big, colorful banner that grabs the attention of anyone walking down the street, but that may not necessarily be the most effective or appropriate banner design for your business or event. When creating a banner, don't be afraid to err on the side of simplicity. That is to say, sometimes simple really is better. It's okay to use just a few big words or just one color when designing your banner. 

Graphic designers and creators of banners and commercial signs have a lot to offer when it comes to guiding clients to the right banner design for them. Consult with a graphic designer or a commercial sign firm about your ideas, and work with them to create a banner that utilizes both techniques that have been shown to be the most effective, as well as your own unique and creative ideas for your business.