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Three Light Decisions To Make When You Order A Halo-Lit Sign

One of the best ways to ensure that the sign outside of your business stands out to people in the community is to have a sign with lights. There are lots of examples of signs that fit this description, including halo-lit signs. Many custom sign companies can produce a halo-lit sign to suit your needs. This sign gets its name because of how the lights are positioned behind the sign, essentially creating a halo-like ring of light around your company's name. There are lots of light-related decisions to make when you order a custom halo-lit sign, including the following: 


The wording on many halo-lit signs tends to be a plain color such as gray or black, although you always have the option of deciding how you want the wording to look. In general, choosing a plain color of wording and having a vibrant color of light behind it is a popular strategy. When you order your custom halo-lit sign, you'll need to decide what color you want to use. Some people choose a color that has an immediate visual impact, such as a fluorescent hue, while others favor a color that matches their company's branding. Often, companies find that two complementary colors are a good choice.


You'll also be able to decide what level of brightness you want the lights behind your halo-lit sign to have. Some companies favor lights that are extremely bright, which can help to enhance the visibility of the sign from a distance. Gentler lights can also be appealing, particularly for certain businesses. If you run a swanky restaurant or clothing boutique, for example, you might feel that a gentle glow ties in better with your company.


There is nothing wrong with having your halo-lit sign stay fully illuminated at all times, but you might wish to inquire about what animation options are available. For example, you might like the idea of the lights turning on and off along the length of the sign, which will attract attention. Try to avoid features such as rapid flickering, as this can sometimes make it seem as though the lights in your sign are dying—which is not a look that you want. Your sign company can show you video clips that feature the different animation options that are available.

To learn more about halo-lit signs and other outdoor signs, contact a sign company in your area.