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4 Ways To Improve Superhero Themed Signs

A superhero themed sign is a great way to showcase a birthday party, backyard barbecue, or another event like a sports celebration. The bold colors and heroic symbols make awesome additions and can really help a sign stand out. As you choose to get signs professionally printed, you will want the design to match the quality. When the event is complete, a well-crafted sign can even be saved to use for future events or as a memorable keepsake.

Designing a captivating sign requires a lot of different elements to help make text and images stand out. To make your sign look polished and professional, consider implementing the following four improvements.These edits can be done in a variety of graphic design software.

Superhero Fonts

The best way to make your sign look heroic is with a font that clearly showcases a heroic design. The following fonts are all free to download and use with personal signs. They represent a wide range of superhero themes.

  • Rogue Hero: Bold and thick, the Rogue Hero font can make a good impact on any sign. It is a great font for using on the main title of a sign like "Happy Birthday" or "Congratulations".
  • American Captain: Use a font based off of Marvel's Captain America. The thin letters feature pointed edges and the ability to place a lot of text in very little space.
  • BadaBoom: This retro-styled font takes you back to the classic days of comic books and bold lettering. It's great for numbers and splashy areas like "BBQ!"

Letter Adjustments

Once you have the fonts installed, there are few little tweaks you can make to help them stand out on the sign. These font adjustments are available in most word processing and graphic design applications.

  • Strokes: Add an inner edge to your lettering by placing a stroke on it. The strokes allow you to add more color and stick to heroic themes. For example, if you had black letters, you could make a black stroke and give your text a Batman color theme.
  • Drop Shadows: Help the text pop from the page by placing a simple drop shadow behind it. This addition will make the text more visible from further distances.
  • Embossing: Special textures are added to the text when you enable embossing. This can make the text look 3D and add a metal-look to the design. Play around with the different settings to see how your specific writing looks under different embossing settings.

Graphic Design Brushes

Instead of using clip art or other images, graphic design brushes feature the ability to change and adjust superhero symbols with ease. A number of free brush set downloads have superhero themes applied to them. This allows you to easily add a bat symbol, logo, or superhero mask design to your signs. The following free brush sets are a good starting point and can help you with the design process.

  • Comic Superhero Brushes: Add iconic comic book characters to your posters with this collection of brushes. The heroes range from Batman comics to Marvel heroes and a few villains are thrown into the mix too.
  • Hero Logo Brushes: 26 different logos are available in this set. It includes the main heroes like Superman and The Green Lantern along with less popular heroes like Dare Devil.
  • Word Bubble Brushes: Add a comic-styled flair to your sign with speech bubbles. These brushes are a great way to isolate text and information.


A sign can have a lot more appeal by choosing a detailed background image. There are plenty of ways to capture a heroic feeling with a colored background image. To represent flying superheroes, an image high above the clouds would look great.

For any space-themed heroes, you can select from planet or starry night backgrounds. You can also choose a background that represents a heroic power like flight, ice powers, flame powers, or something technology related like the Iron Man's suit.

Once all of these elements come together, you will have a great sign on your hands. A professional printer can get you additional info and make the sign come to life and become a signature part of your event.