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3 Cost-Effective Ways To Promote A Seasonal Sale At Your Thrift Store

There are certain times of year where you want to clear out inventory at your thrift store so you can offer your customers a new variety of merchandise. Seasonal sales around late fall when kids go back to school and near Christmas when people are shopping for presents are great times to place certain items on sale so you can make room for inventory you don't currently have space for. To get your seasonal sales out there for your local community to see, you want to advertise your event in a cost-effective way. Here are 3 options you can use to promote a seasonal sale at your thrift store so you can land greater customer attention.

Sidewalk banner

A sidewalk banner can be used for current and future sales as long as it doesn't list any actual dates on it, so this is a great way to promote seasonal items and smaller sales throughout the year. Your local image and graphics store can create a retractable or fabric banner on a stand that you can place in a window or on the sidewalk outside your store. Make sure your banner carries bold font for easy readability and carries call-to-action verbiage, such as:

  • 3 day sale
  • Everything must go
  • Weekend blowout 

or anything pertaining to a major sale. A banner stand holds your banner in place so it cannot be easily blown or knocked over, and the height of the stand allows for easy visibility for curious passersby.

Local newspaper

Place an advertisement in your local newspaper a week to a few days prior to your seasonal sale, announcing items that are going to be discounted and how long the sale will last. You can save money by opting for a black-and-white ad versus a color one, just be sure to place a dark border around your ad so it stands out among others.

Social media

If your thrift store has a social media page, start taking pictures of your inventory and listing the different items that will be on sale during your seasonal sale. Announce the sale a few times a week until the day of, so people who follow your page can be reminded without feeling hounded. This is a very cost-effective way to promote your seasonal sale, as it only costs you your time.

You want your seasonal thrift store sale to be a huge success, and keeping your customers aware by using social media, newspaper advertising, and a sidewalk or window banner are all great ways to accomplish this. You will be able to use these cost-effective promotional tools anytime you have a sale at your store.