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5 Tips For Using An Awning To Control Your Store Temperature

Awnings can help reduce solar gain from 65% to 77%, depending on which wall of your store they are installed and how you use them. This can give you greater control over your internal store temperature, reducing your energy bills and making your store more comfortable for customers. However, to get the full benefits of awnings, you need to know how to use them efficiently. Below are five tips to use your awnings to help control your store temperature. 

Opt for Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings have several benefits. First, they allow you to put out the awning when it is hot and sunny and then retract the awning when it is cool or cloudy. This not only gives you shade in the summer time, but also allows you to benefit from solar heating during the winter. 

Also, in many areas, retractable awnings are allowed to have a longer length than stationary awnings. This may allow you to install an awning that will provide full coverage for your larger windows.

Finally, retractable awnings allow you to retract your awnings during adverse weather, to prevent them from ripping or tearing during a storm, which will ensure that you will have usable awnings year round without waiting for repairs or replacements.  

Install Automatic Sensors On Your Awnings

If you install retractable awnings, you should install automatic openers. These will allow you to control your awning from inside your store, making it easy for you or an employee to adjust the awning without interrupting your work. Additionally, consider some of the sensors available for awnings. You can set up a sensor to automatically open your awning during daylight hours and close it as the sun sets. You can also install a sensor that automatically opens or closes the awning depending on precipitation or temperature. 

Make Sure Your Awning Has Proper Ventilation

In order to get the benefits of an awning on a hot day, it is important that hot air can escape from the top of the awning. A professional installer can ensure that there is enough ventilation beneath your awning to prevent the buildup of heat. If you notice a buildup of heat beneath your awning, you may consider installing an electric fan beneath your awning. 

Order Awnings Long Enough to Protect Your Windows

Your awnings should be long enough to shade your entire window during the hottest part of the day. The exact length you need can be calculated based on the direction your window faces, the angle of the sun in your area during summer, and the size of your window. A professional installer can help you determine the appropriate size of the awning and the appropriate angle for installation to get complete coverage while being compliant with local zoning laws. 

Make Sure Your Employees Know Your Awnings Policies

Your awnings will only be efficient at controlling the temperature of your building if they are used consistently. This means that you should have clear policies regarding when your awnings should be put out and when they should be retracted. It is important that your employees know these policies and follow them even when you are not working in the store with them.

Controlling the solar gain in your store can help you create a comfortable shopping environment for your customers. Besides controlling temperature, an awning can also help reduce glare and create a more formal space for your store. It can also be a great way to subtly differentiate your store and advertise your business. If you are interested in the many ways an awning can benefit your store, talk to a dealer in your area, such as Hightech Signs