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Marketing Your Apartment Complex: Three Options to Consider

Whether your apartment complex always has a few units available or you have an increase in apartments for rent, marketing your complex can help to fill those units and build a vibrant community. Here are some of the more traditional marketing options you can take to build interest in your complex.

Vinyl Graphic Signs

Vinyl graphic signs can call attention to pedestrians and motorists passing by your complex, and they can also build excitement around your available units. Consider having custom banners created that you can hang on the fences bordering your unit. Have them printed with a professional image of your complex on a sunny day to give people an idea of what living there might be like. On days that you'll be hosting open houses to show the units, add some brightly colored balloons to the banners, and have a smaller banner created to advertise the open house event. This smaller banner can be hung next to your "apartments for rent" banner, and it can be removed at the end of the day.


If you want to attract residents from the surrounding neighborhood, consider staging one of the apartments and having professional photos taken. You can then have the images incorporated into a brochure, which should list all of the amenities in your building. Distribute the brochures to local businesses, and ask them to pass out the brochures to customers. Be sure to have plenty extra brochures printed, as you can repeat this process every time you need to advertise your available units for rent.

Referral Signs

Your existing tenants can be your best marketers, but you'll need to let them know that you are offering a bonus to them for successful referrals. Work with your sign company to create custom signs that target your tenants. These signs can be hung throughout the apartment complex to draw attention to your referral program. Consider adding a QR code to the signs, which your tenants can scan to get all of the details about the referral program. The code should also lead to a referral link your tenants can forward to interested apartment candidates. You can also use the QR code sign idea to advertise your available apartments throughout the neighborhood.

Talk to a sign company like DeMars Signs about the different sign options available, and come up with a combination of signage and marketing materials that help to advertise your available properties. With these traditional marketing methods and the use of your complex's social media accounts, you can create a multi-pronged approach toward getting new tenants in your apartment complex.