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Hire A Custom Sign Company To Make Mile Markers As Gifts For These Occasions

Whether you've traveled around the country extensively or you typically stick close to home, you've almost certainly seen green and white mileage markers along the sides of the road. These signs typically let motorists know how far they are to the end of the road, and can also be valuable for allowing emergency responders to determine the location of stranded motorists. Many companies produce these signs, and you may wish to have some custom designed to give as gifts. Given the fact that most people recognize these signs, they can make for a fun gift for a number of different occasions. Here are some ideas that you can pursue.


When someone is reaching a milestone birthday, party attendees will often give the person age-related gifts. For example, someone turning 50 may get a T-shirt with a slogan about reaching this milestone. A more memorable gift is to have a custom mile marker made up for the person. Of course, the number that you select should be 50, but you can then choose wording that suits the occasion. You could go with something as simple as "Turning" above the numerals, or tailor your custom sign specifically to the person by listing his or her name.


A marriage anniversary is another ideal occasion to have a custom mile marker sign made up as a memorable gift. This is a sign that the married couple could proudly display not only at their anniversary party, but also somewhere in their home — for example, on the fridge or in a basement rec room. When considering your design, list the number in a large font, and then consider your wording to place around the number. Instead of placing the wording above the number, try below — writing "Years Together" under "30," for example, conveys the message perfectly.


A custom mile marker sign that you give as a retirement gift can not only be fun, but can also be especially appropriate if the person who is retiring is planning to travel in the near future. When you get the sign made as a retirement gift, the number you select should reference the years that the person spent working — either in total or with a certain company. You can then evaluate which type of wording you want to go with the number. Suggestions could include "Years of Service" below the number of "Years and Done" below the number.