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Use Feather Flags To Advertise Your Homemade Wooden Crafts

If you make wooden crafts and sell your wares at various flea markets, roadside stands, and sporting events, one way to grab the attention of people is by adding feather flags to each sales area. Feather flag signs are promotional items that can be customized, are tall in size, and can be assembled with ease. 

Choose Promotional Flags

If you move your wares from place to place on a routine basis, creating an alluring sales area may have been put on the back burner on occasion, limiting the amount of exposure that you have attained for your wooden crafts. Since feather flags are designed to stand out and are weather resistant, you can use these advertising materials in virtually any setting.

The types of crafts that you are selling can be displayed on individual feather flags or you can have all of the items listed on one flag. A list of prices should be added to a flag that is going to be displayed in front of the area where you will be selling items.

Choose a solid color of fabric or fabric that contains a bold print and relay the information about the words and numbers that you want added to the feather flags while speaking to a customer representative. You will receive stands, travel bags, and instructions with your purchases.

Practice Assembling The Flags

After receiving the feather flags that you have purchased, take the time to practice assembling each of them. You will notice that there is a pole pocket along one side of each flag. Insert an aluminum pole through each pocket. Secure the bottom ends of the poles to the cross or spike bases that were included with the flags. 

Move the feather flags and bases around to determine how you would like to set them up at each sales area. A couple flags can be placed near the front of each booth or stand and a couple can be set up next to the wooden crafts that you are selling. 

Store The Travel Bags In Your Vehicle

The feather flags should be wiped off with a damp cloth and towel before being removed from them their bases. Place one base, one aluminum pole, and one flag inside of each travel bag. Store the travel bags in your vehicle's cargo area so that the advertising materials are on hand when you are getting ready to set up a new sales area.