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The Benefits Of Retrofitting Your Commercial Signs With LED Lights

Commercial signs can be lit up with a variety of different lights, including HID lights, fluorescent lights, incandescent lights, neon lights, and LED lights. There are many benefits that LED lights have over the other lighting options for commercial signs. If your commercial sign is designed to work with other types of light bulbs, you may want to consider having it retrofit so that LED lights can be used in it. Here are a few of the benefits of retrofitting your commercial sign for use with LED lights. 

LED Lights Last Significantly Longer Than Other Types of Lights

One of the benefits associated with retrofitting your commercial sign with LED lights is that LED lights last longer than other types of lights. Replacing a light behind a commercial sign is not an easy task. In most cases, a cherry picker has to be brought in to reach the sign and safely replace the bulb. This can be costly and time-consuming. Selecting a bulb that is long-lasting helps to minimize the frequency in which you need to replace the bulb or bulbs, which can result in time and money savings. 

LED Lights Use Less Energy Than Other Types of Lights

Another benefit associated with retrofitting your commercial signs with LED Lights is that LED lights use less energy than other types of lights. Most commercial signs are on from dusk until daylight. This can amount to about 12 hours of running time per day. It may not seem like a lot, but the energy expended begins to add up quickly. An LED light uses less energy, which can help to decrease your energy costs associated with powering your commercial sign. 

Retrofitting is Cheaper Than Buying a New Sign

The last benefit to retrofitting your commercial sign with LED lights is that retrofitting is significantly cheaper than buying a new sign. Once you have heard the benefits of LED lighting, your first instinct may be just to replace the sign entirely with one that can be lit by LED lights. But this can be costly. Retrofitting involves rewiring the sign and installing new light sockets for the bulbs, allowing you to use LED lights with the sign. This is a fraction of the cost of replacing the sign altogether, helping you to keep your budget in check. 

Lighting up a commercial sign helps to ensure those passing by can see your sign, increasing visibility and brand awareness for your business. However, lighting a sign isn't free. You have to replace the bulbs and pay the energy expenses associated with it. Using LED lights helps to minimize the frequency in which the bulbs need to be replaced and reduce the amount you spend to illuminate the sign. 

Contact a local lighting service for more information on installing LED lights.