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A Sign Outside Of Your School Should Provide This Navigational Information

The primary objective of a large sign displayed outside of your school is to provide the name of the school, its street address, and the school board to which it belongs. It's common for school signs to contain this information, but it's often appropriate for other information to be conveyed on an additional sign nearby — perhaps a little farther down the school's driveway. If you're making some changes to the school's signage, give some thought to the value of outdoor signage that provides navigational information for people as they pull onto the school's property. Here are some details that a navigational sign should offer.

Shipping And Receiving

A school has frequent deliveries from trucks that are dropping off food for the cafeteria, desks, and even athletic equipment. It's important for these truck drivers to know where to go when they arrive, so some information on the sign will be valuable for pointing them in the right direction. Many schools have rear entrances for shipping and receiving, so this verbiage, along with an arrow that points in the appropriate direction, will be useful. While a truck driver who visits regularly won't have to read the sign after just one or two visits, it will remain useful every time a new trucker arrives.


There are all sorts of people who visit schools throughout the day. Parents, classroom guests, and other individuals will pull onto the school property and immediately be looking for where to enter. Typically, a school requires its visitors to identify themselves at the office so that they can sign in and receive a visitor pass. Your navigational sign should have a section with the term "Visitors" and an arrow that points them toward the front entrance to the institution.


If your school is situated on a large campus, its athletic facilities might not immediately be evident to those who drive onto the property. If a school has a number of sports teams, there might be a visiting team from another school arriving at the school for a game on a daily basis. It's important for the school's navigational sign to point arriving teams in the direction of the athletics facilities. If all of the athletic fields are situated adjacent to one another, one mention on the sign can direct people toward these facilities. If not, you'll want to provide more information on the sign — for example, "Football and Baseball" with an arrow pointing on way, and "Soccer" with an arrow pointing another way.