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Reasons to Retrofit Your Company's Existing Sign with LEDs

If you own a company, the sign in the front is an important marketing resource. It shows to everyone nearby what the name of your business is and that can drive traffic. However, it can be hard to do this if your current signage is dated. If it is, consider retrofitting it with LEDs. This renovation can pay off in the following ways.

More Vibrant Appearance

It's not enough to have just a traditional exterior sign on your commercial building. It needs to stand out to make people notice as they walk or drive by. You can achieve a pretty dramatic effect for your company sign by having it retrofitted with LEDs. These lights shine bright and can create a statement. When the sun goes does, the LEDs will illuminate your company signage like never before and that's particularly important if your operations run later at night.

Attract More Business

Whatever type of business you run, getting customers through your doors is important for keeping the lights on and remaining profitable over the years. You can gain more traffic into your commercial building just by retrofitting your current sign with LEDs. 

A professional company can carry out this renovation in no time and once they're done, your exterior sign will look totally different. It will look more aesthetically pleasing to consumers. It may not be the main reason why customers stop by, but the LEDs can certainly garner their attention and get them thinking about your business. 


When it comes to retrofitting company signs, there are a lot of lighting options to consider. However, if you're looking for something that's capable of lasting for a while, LEDs are often your best bet. They are pretty energy-efficient and extremely easy to maintain, even if you don't know much about LED signage. If you care for them appropriately, then they could last for decades. That takes less pressure off you as the business owner because it means you won't have to trouble yourself with changing them out every year. Just be sure you hire a skilled retrofitting company that can set LEDs up properly.

Outdated signs can really hurt the reputation and exterior appeal for commercial businesses. If you have this type of sign on the outside of your property, consider having a company like Cardinal Sign Corporation help with sign light retrofitting. This renovation isn't that expensive and the results can be dramatic.