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Order A Custom "Coming Soon" Sign To Hang In Your Window

If you run a retail business and your grand opening date is fast approaching, you've probably already ordered the custom signage that you need. This means that you'll likely have a large sign hanging above your location, as well as a selection of interior signs throughout the space. One sign that you might not yet have thought about is a sign that lets the community know your business will open soon. Instead of writing "Coming Soon" on a piece of paper and taping it to your window, go for a professional look by having a custom sign company produce this sign for you. You can then display it to provide valuable information to people as they pass. Other than the important wording, here are some details to include.

Opening Date

While the idea of a business opening soon can intrigue and excite members of the community, the idea of "soon" is a little vague. As soon as you know which date you'll be opening, you can order a custom sign that provides this information. When you reveal the date, many people will make a mental note of it and plan to attend. Be sure to include the time, too — for example, the sign might read, "February 15, 10 a.m."

Reasons To Visit

You probably want as many people as possible to show up when your retail business opens. A large crowd can help to create a buzz, which can be effective for encouraging more members of the community to check you out. Don't be afraid to list some reasons that people should visit on your opening day. For example, if you're offering significant sales on certain products, the sign can reveal this information. If there will be free refreshments and entertainment, as is often the case at grand opening celebrations, the sign should provide these details.

Ways To Learn More

It's important to encourage people who see your "Coming Soon" sign to learn more about your business. Make sure that your sign provides some options for people to consider. You'll definitely want your business's website featured on this sign. Given the popularity of social media, providing a list of your various social media channel names may encourage people to check you out. Remember that you'll want to update these accounts regularly, as doing so will encourage people to engage with your posts more — which will help them to remember your opening date and attend on that day. Talk to your custom sign professional about other ideas for your sign; if he or she has helped other businesses with similar signage, he or she may have some suggestions.

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