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Custom Signs To Order For Your Pop-Up Art Gallery

One of the ways that an art gallery can share its artists' work with the local community is by holding pop-up events in locations such as shopping centers, parks, and community centers. People who haven't visited your art gallery or perhaps aren't even aware of its existence may come across your pop-up events, appreciate the selection of art, and then decide to visit your gallery on occasion. There are several steps that go into organizing a successful pop-up art gallery, including having the right signage. Find a custom sign provider, and then order the following signs that you can display.

Art Gallery Information

One of the most important custom signs that you can have on display at your pop-up event is a sign that informs visitors about your art gallery. This sign should be large enough to be visible from a distance and should feature your gallery's name and logo. If you have a name for your event — "Summer Pop-Up Art Show," for example — having this wording on the sign will also be valuable. Providing people with additional information about your gallery, including your website and your social media profile names, can be valuable for those who wish to use their smartphones to connect with you.

Artist Profiles

Depending on how many artists are represented at your pop-up event, it can also be valuable to order profile signs that you can display near their works. For example, if a particular artist has three or four paintings in one area, an informative sign nearby can be helpful. You'll want to work in cooperation with each artist. The artist can provide a short bio that discusses their approach to art and their favorite mediums, as well as contact information for anyone who may wish to get in touch with them after your event. While some artists might be able to provide their own signs, you ordering all of the signs will give everything a unified, professional appearance.

Art Type Signage

It's possible that you might pick specific art types for each of your pop-up gallery events, especially if you hold them regularly. For example, one event might focus on watercolor art, while another might focus on another medium. If your event will feature several types of art, it can be useful to order custom signs that will show attendees where they can find certain types of art. Signs with wording such as "Watercolor," "Oil," "Mixed Media," and more can help people to easily identify the type of art that most appeals to them. For a custom touch, these signs can feature your gallery's name and logo below their wording.