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Common Mistakes To Avoid When Investing In Fleet Graphics

Fleet graphics can be a great way to advertise. Once the graphics are in place, you don't have to put much effort into advertising. You and your employees can just drive around, like you normally do, and advertising will happen on its own as people see your vehicles. As easy as advertising with fleet vehicles is, though, there are some common mistakes to avoid along the way.

Mistake #1: Choosing fonts that are fancy, but not readable.

As you scroll through your various font options, you'll likely come across some that you find really attractive or fancy. Of course, you want the font to look nice. But choosing a fancy font should not be your priority. Choosing a readable font is more important. So, as you scroll through various font options, the main question you should ask yourself is whether the font will be readable on a moving vehicle that's 20 or 30 feet away. Narrow down your list to three or four fonts you think are very readable, and then choose the most attractive of those.

Mistake #2: Using too many colors.

Your instinct may be to make the vehicle wrap very bold and colorful to attract a lot of attention. But using too many colors tends to just make the graphics look to intense and overwhelming. People may just look away because there's too much to focus on. Try to use only three or four colors, at most, in your vehicle wrap. This will allow you to use color contrast to make the sign readable without overwhelming passersby.

Mistake #3: Including too much detail.

Your fleet graphics are not a place to tell customers about your specialty products, advertise your hours, or share your company's ethics. People will only see the vehicle for a few second, in most cases, so you only want to include basic information. Your business name, website, phone number, and address are the most you'll want to include. Interested customers will contact you to know more. If you were to include more detail on the vehicle, then people might look right past the important information and not contact you at all.

Fleet graphics can be a great choice for your business. They're an affordable and efficient advertising scheme. However, you do need to design them carefully, avoiding the above mistakes in the process. Talk to your sign maker to learn more about what works well.