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How To Create A Compelling Custom Trade Show Tower

The right custom trade show tower can attract loads of attention. However, when you order a custom-made trade show tower, it's important to think about how to maximize its value. These five tips will help you make a compelling tower for your next event.

Simple Messaging

Many people are tempted to cram as much information into a tower as possible. However, there are inherent limits to what a custom trade show tower can do. Try to narrow your messaging to as few points as possible. You don't have to get down to one sole point, but you also don't want to assault visitors with too many details.

When you have a design in mind, create a rough sketch that includes every message you want to convey. Ask someone to review your proposed tower design. Once they review, have them provide feedback. If you're not hearing enough of your core message coming back in the review, consider how you can tighten and simplify the design.

Eye Level

The viewer's eye level is the prime real estate. You want to have your best image at eye level. Likewise, your company's logo should be in the vicinity. If you're slugging a key message a slogan, you want it there, too. Keep all the things identifying your brand and message in a range that's roughly at eye level from the floor.

Readable Text

Ornate text is a hallmark of bad design, especially in a commercial setting. As such, you should use highly readable fonts. Employ contrast to separate letters from backgrounds. If you must overlay text on complex images, add borders to the text to separate from the imagery.

Scaling Images

Whatever pixel density you have in an image limits its scalability. The default assumption for something as large as a custom-made trade show tower is images that will still read as pictures. If you have a high-quality image, you must determine how big it will be. In this case, you could blow the image up from its original size while still making it fairly readable.


Few additions to a custom trade show tower will be as fetching as lighting. Backlighting can be especially compelling if you stagger multiple panels and use negative space to your advantage. Even if you can only light a tower from the front and above, use lighting to bring out the colors of the display.

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