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The 4 Types Of Wayfinding Signage Your Office Needs

Does your office need better wayfinding signage? Wayfinding signs are a key part of improving traffic flow, helping customers have a better experience, and protecting both staff and visitors. But what type of wayfinding signage do you need? Here's a short guide to the four categories of directional, or wayfinding, signs and how you should deploy them. 

1. Identification

How do customers, vendors, visitors, and staff know when they've found the right spot? The answer is identification wayfinding signage. These signs mark key spots, such as door plaques, department signs at major entry points, reception area identifiers, and even a large logo that assures people they've found the right business. Identification signs should be short and simple. They don't need to say much, but they should be very clear. 

2. Directional

Good directional signs help people successfully navigate on their own. Effective signs mean less work for your staff and less frustration by customers and visitors. Directional signs may include a directory of offices or departments, arrows pointing people in different directions, or a continuous set of signs that lead people on a path. They can be hard to design, though, as they must be clear to many different visitors who all look at things in different ways. 

3. Informational

Signs that convey some piece of information help keep people out of unauthorized areas and guide them in understanding how to use your building. An 'employees only' sign, for instance, is informational but also directs traffic. Informational signs should answer one specific question, such as business hours or directions to check in on a tablet. Avoid trying to do too much with each informational sign. And when possible, use common symbols to convey the message. 

4. Regulatory

Finally, what signage are you required to post according to local, state, or federal rules? Regulatory signs can be long and complex — including mandatory employee rights signage — or they may be as simple as a warning symbol for hazardous waste. Don't get too fancy with these signs, but rather adhere to standards and focus on fulfilling your obligation with them. 

Where to Start

Could your office do better with one or more of these types of wayfinding signs? Start by meeting with an experienced sign company—such as Sign-Frame—in your area. With their expertise in helping people find their way around all sorts of businesses, they'll assist you in ensuring that everyone has a pleasant and positive experience navigating your own.