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Order A Custom Sign For Your Lake House

Having a lake house provides you with a stylish space in a beautiful area, and may be the site of many fun gatherings with family and friends. A lot of lake house owners order custom products that can give this dwelling a custom feel. One option to consider is a custom sign, which you can order from a local sign manufacturing company and then display in several locations. If you have a picturesque front porch, consider hanging the sign on the wall. Alternatively, you might want it inside the lake house or perhaps on a post near the driveway. Here are some things that should be on your lake house sign.


You'll want to have a name appear on the lake house sign. Generally, this should be the focal point of the sign. One option is to have your last name. If you've given a name to your lake house, you'll want to use it. In some cases, both options are possible. For example, your custom sign could feature the name of your lake house, with your family's last name immediately below in a slightly smaller font size.

Welcome Message

It can be nice to have some type of welcome message appear on your custom lake house sign, particularly if you often have friends visit you for the weekend. This wording could be something as simple as "Welcome to" placed above where you have the lake house's name, but there are opportunities to get more creative, too. Consider a warm sentiment such as "We're glad you're here," which could appear in several areas on the sign.


For a fun addition to the sign, consider listing a handful of activities that your family enjoys. This list could appear in a bullet point style on each side of the lake house's name. Things such as boating, fishing, swimming, barbecuing, relaxing, and laughing might appear on this list. When people arrive for a visit, they'll see this list and feel excited about the activities that they'll soon be enjoying.


It's OK for your lake house sign to solely feature words, but it's nice if it can also include one or more images. Custom sign companies can present many different options, depending on the type of sign you're ordering and the size that you want. One option is to have a landscape-style photo of the lake house in the background of the sign. Alternatively, you might have a few small images that depict some of your favorite lake house activities.

To explore more options, contact a sign manufacturer such as Cardinal Sign Corporation.